Hi, my name is

Cameron Lucas

Build. Break. Learn. Repeat

I'm a software engineer specializing in building full-stack applications, helping solve complex problems with code! Currently, I'm focused on building apps that support people to build the lives of their dreams at Inner Matrix Systems

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01. About Me

Hello! My name is Cameron, I am a Full-Stack Software Engineer from Denver, CO. Since a young age I have always been fascinated with technology. Theres family photos of me(at two or so) standing on stacks of phone books trying to play with the microwave, and others of me trying to play with payphones in various locations. This curiosity revolving around technology continued to grow over the years.

Fast-forward to today where I have had the privilege of working at multiple companies as a Full-Stack Software Engineer. Currently I‘m focused on developing technologies that help people live the lives of their dreams, at Inner Matrix Systems.

You can also find me all over the interwebs including on Dev.to, Medium, YouTube, GitHub, LinkedIn, Twiter, where I work with and talk about technologies like:

    • Javascript (ES6+)
    • React/React-Native
    • VueJS/NuxtJS
    • Ruby on Rails
    • NodeJS/NestJS
    • MongoDB & PostgreSQL

02. Experince / Where I've Worked

  • Inner Matrix Systems
  • Swyft On-Site Services
  • SiteIT Solutions

Software Engineer @ Inner Matrix Systems

Oct 2021 - Present
  • Responsible for writing modern, performant, maintainable, code for multiple applications.

  • Worked with a variety of languages, platforms, frameworks, and customer relationship management systems such as Javascript, Typescript, Ruby on Rails, VueJS, React-Native, Hubspot, PostgreSQL, AWS, Netlify and more.

  • Notable Projects Include: Code Base Migration From Vue2 -> Nuxt3, Complete Checkout Page Redesign, Discount and Credit System, Data Visualization with D3 & ChartJS, Implementing Push Notifications (React-Native), Various Page Redesigns, and much more.

03. Some Of My Projects

NestJS Auth App

NestJS Auth Boilerplate

NestJS / PassportJS / MongoDB

NestJS-Auth: Nest and Passport Boilerplate W/ (Local, JWT, Google) Strategies Already Implemented! Makes a Great NestJS Auth Microservice 🍻

NestJS Auth App

QR Nexus


Simple Open Source QR Code Generator - with all the basic features without ads or the need to pay or create an account.

NestJS Auth App

Rick and Morty IGST

HTML / CSS / Javascript

Rick and Morty - Intergalactic Government Search Tool: The Intergalactic Government Search Tool is a front-end tool to search and track any known character in the tv series called Rick and Morty. This tool was sponsored by the Galactic Federation and the Council of Ricks, and was my first school project.

Also visit my YouTube channel, and check out some of my Dev.to blog posts!

04. Let's grab a coffee!

I'm always looking for fun and new opportunities, my inbox is always open! Whether you have a question or just want to say hello.